Note from the Chairman, President and CEO of MPX International Corporation, W. Scott Boyes

MPXI Investor TV | January 15, 2020

Dear Investors:

Happy New Year to both you and your loved ones!

We couldn’t be more excited about the prospects for 2020 and all of the potential it brings for MPXI. Last year was our first as a new entity; we hit the ground running in February and in less than a year, we have grown our business to include operations under development in six countries on four continents and have achieved a number of significant milestones.

We are excited to launch our Investor News Network – MPXI.TV. With so much of our operations overseas we wanted our investors to be able to visually see our progress. This new format will enable you to watch short documentary-style stories about our progress. | Learn More About MPXI.TV

As you can see in our video series, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for MPXI.  Despite the growing challenges faced by many in the cannabis industry, MPXI is well positioned to thrive as a vertically integrated global operation. We are continuing to execute the plan outlined in our Investor Presentation and deliver results for shareholders.

The year is already off to a productive start as we have now launched the Medical Cannabis Learning Network, or MCLN. This private social learning network connects patients, health care professionals and others with credible evidence–based information on the appropriate and safe use of medical cannabis.

The Network offers the ability for patients to engage with a qualified medical practitioner through a virtual consultation and acts as an order-entry tool for the purchase of medical cannabis products from Canveda, MPXI’s wholly-owned licensed cannabis producer. | Learn More About Canveda

Over 40 countries, including 24 in Europe, have legalized cannabis in some form with medicinal use being the primary focus of legalization by far. MPXI is well ahead of the curve in developing as a global vertically-integrated cannabis company to take advantage of the substantial opportunity presented by the global market.

Success in the medical cannabis marketplace is largely determined by the number of patients being served and the MCLN is a leading edge “patient acquisition” technology which can be adapted for use in many countries. We were so impressed with the early results in Canada that we accelerated our option to acquire 100% ownership of the system in December.

The MCLN and its integration with the Spartan Wellness platform will play a significant role in our growth in Canada this coming year. Spartan Wellness, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPXI, facilitates the acquisition of medicinal cannabis by Canadian military veterans and first responders. | Learn More About Spartan Wellness

As many of you know, MPXI has been reaching well beyond Canada’s borders to become a thriving global vertically-integrated cannabis company. MPXI is no longer a Canadian company looking to expand its presence into other countries. Today, we are a true international company which happens to have Canadian assets as part of its global operations. We have management offices in London, Geneva and Toronto. | Learn More About all the Global Opportunities

We are heavily focused on Europe, as it is one of the largest potential cannabis markets in the world. While the cannabis market is at an earlier stage of development than the North American market, Prohibition Partners, one of the foremost research firms in the industry, projects that the European market will reach €123 billion (US$142 billion) by 2028. We expect to play a significant role in this potentially huge emerging market.

Obviously, we will have to phase our operations wisely, but garnering an early foothold and ensuring the infrastructure is in place to serve the growing demand is critical to long-term success. All of our European operations there are moving forward as expected.

In November we opened our first “beleaf” CBD store in London’s hip Soho district. While the outlet is retail-oriented, it is also intended to embody an educational function, familiarizing Londoners with the cannabis story as well as to raise MPXI’s profile in the emerging UK medical cannabis arena with our “HolyWeed” and “beleaf’ brands. The store has been open for two months now and we are very pleased with its performance. We are looking forward to sharing more information on our first “beleaf” CBD store in the coming months. | Learn More About England Operations

First beleaf CBD Store in Soho District, London

Our outstanding roster of highly-qualified staff in Malta is methodically developing an EU-GMP certifiable operation capable of supplying pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid medicines to the European market and beyond. Our medical cannabis packaging and processing facility in Malta remains on track for the commencement of operations later this summer as a result of the efforts of our talented staff.  | Learn More About Malta Operations

Similarly, our operations in Switzerland continue to progress. A highly successful crop has produced over 100 tons of Swiss grown, single-sourced, organic biomass which will be sold as dried flower, smokable products, as well as full and broad-spectrum CBD distillate and isolate.

Our facility in Nyon, Switzerland is being adapted to include extraction, processing and packaging capabilities and is expected to commence operations in the second half of fiscal 2020. | Learn More About Switzerland Operations 

Construction of our high-tech greenhouse in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa continues to speed forward at a remarkable pace. The first half-hectare phase of development will be supplying low-cost EU-GACP (General Agricultural & Collection Practices) certified biomass and concentrate to our Malta facility for further processing, packaging and subsequent sale within Europe. | Learn More About South Africa Operations

High-Tech Green House in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Finally, the development of our Australian operations continues. We were granted our manufacture licence by the Australian Office of Drug Control (the “AODC”) in November and we await the grant of a cultivation licence. The Australian medical cannabis market continues to expand with thousands of new patients added each month. While our operations remain unaffected by the wildfires, we extend our deepest condolences to the people of Australia for the horrendous situation plaguing parts of their country.

The referendum for adult-use cannabis in New Zealand this year during the federal election points to continued liberalization in the Oceania region and MPXI intends to play a significant role in the supply of product to that market. |  Learn More About Australian Operations

The AODC has granted numerous approvals to companies in Australia endeavoring to enter the domestic cannabis market.

A key strategic value opportunity for MPXI Australia is tissue culture and the ability to sell the clones to new licensees within Australia and to support other MPXI global operations. MPXI Australia has been pragmatic in seeking its license first before incurring the significant costs of developing our facility in Tasmania and is well positioned for potential distribution of its products to the Oceania and Asia-Pacific regions.

There is so much to be excited about at MPXI this coming year as we continue to move all of our global operations forward and execute on the initiatives that will drive growth and shareholder value in 2020 and beyond.

Stay tuned for more!


W. Scott Boyes
Chairman, President and CEO,
MPX International Corporation